The civilized systems of Calixis are still reeling from a hive fleet invasion. The border planets of Koronus are on the verge of all out war between two powerful pirate clans. A dangerous time, with no safe harbor, but an ambitious, bold and possibly insane Rogue Trader plans to exploit the chaos and make his fortune.

Spurred by a happenstance encounter, Viktor Khal and his crew search out the final resting place of his trading dynasty’s founder, the legendary Roguerio Khal, of whom it is said is entombed with his lifetime of treasure. But they find that they are not the only one’s searching for Khal’s Tomb. Admidst space infested with pirates, tyranid, and stranger things, Khal and company must outwit the ruthless Pirate Queen, her nemesis, the Ork freebooter Mega’at, and a bizarre, enigmatic group of heretics calling themselves the Physicians, all while avoiding the pursuit of the Ordo Xenos and their attack dogs, the brutal Space Marines of the Deathwatch.

Because whoever finds Khal’s Tomb first, will not only find treasure, but a weapon of catastrophic power.

The Paradox Hammer

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