The Paradox Hammer

Ramming Speed

///Access File: 10-28-802M.41///

///Access File: 10-28-802M.41///

Ship’s Log of the Rogue Trader Ship Hammer
Lord Captain Viktor Khal, Commanding
Ramming Speed!
Our guest from the Inquisitorial Destroyer has proved to be of some value. The following are copies of the communiqués between the prisoner and myself, via Bob. On a personal note I do find it worrisome that Gaan was able to transmit information to Bob in this manner and Ignatio was positively apoplectic when he found out but then again none of us had slept in 2 weeks so it was forgivable. Bob will need to be watched closely, he does seem more….cheerful.

The first message:

i am gann your prisoner i have hacked your mechanical skull i am sorry i do not want any more pain i know you will begin to torture me soon if i dont talk but they will kill me once i start to discretion is necessary i am a member of the physicians and i believe your ship and crew have already been compromised by us please be careful who you confide in someone is coming i must stop

-In response to Gann’s message I issued the following orders:

Gaan is to be moved under heavy Kroot guard, lead by Ignatio and Kalm to the most secure cell in the brig.
No one is allowed access to the brig under any circumstance except the Doctor (with a command crew member as escort), to check on and feed the patient or two members of the command crew. Visits are to be made in teams of two, the only exception being myself and Bob.
I am stationing our newly made servitor at the brig door with instructions to enforce these orders. I would like it outfitted with a basic weapons system.
I would like to have Bob check out to ensure he hasn’t been tampered with. Once reassured I am programming Bob to act as a secret go-between to prisoner. He will be instructed to be as clandestine as possible. Visiting the prisoner when no one but myself or the servitor is in view. With the aim of making it appear that we are too busy to interrogate Gaan at this point. I program Bob with the following message:

My Reply to Gaan:


Thank you for your missive. It is refreshing when one’s captives are reasonable. I assure you that we are not the Inquisition and I have no desire to bring you to more pain unless you give me no other alternative. I have taken steps to protect you from the mole you fear in within my crew and I have tasked Bob here as a go between. The skull is entirely trustworthy. Your wellbeing, I’m afraid does come with a price. I require information that you will provide. While I have no desire to hurt you, I promise that if you prove a threat to myself, my dynasty, or the loyal members of my House, a long walk out of a short airlock will be the least of your personal tragedies. Now that the usual unpleasantness is out of the way…

Who are the Physicians?
What is their interest in my House and myself?
What is your relationship to this group?
Is this their emblem? (I embed a pic of the symbol on my powerfist)
What do you know of this traitor in my ranks? Details are needed…
What do you know of Rodrigo’s Tomb?
What do you know of Alistair Thorne’s death?

I think that will be all for now.


_Viktor Khal _
Nauachus Dominus Khal

Gaan’s Response:

we physicians are healers and men of learning peacemakers your forebear roguerio took something from my people a long time ago and now we seek to get it back allistair thorne was the man who captured me branding me a heretic he was not as cruel as the others i did not know he was dead how did he die

My Reply to Gaan:


Thank you for your reply and cooperation. In answer to your question, Alistair was murdered by poison, rumor has it by one of his own acolytes. I was very close to him and anything you might be able to tell me that would help is appreciated, but I also have more pressing questions.

I would also like to know what was it that Roguerio stole, exactly? Why did Alistair consider you a Heretic? Why and how did the other Physician that we met shoot a laser out of his finger and dissolve into nothing?

What should I look for to help identify the traitor? I have taken steps to segregate you from the general population and ensure that you are never alone with any one crew member besides myself. I am also implying that you will be thoroughly interrogated after we are through with Daimios, and are forgotten in the mean time. While all this should add to your safety. The sooner this person is captured the better off you will be.

In appreciation for your assistance, I would like to make you more comfortable. Consider it one of the benefits of pleasant dealings with House Khal. Make a request of me and I shall endeavor to see that you have it provided it will not facilitate your escape or allow you to bring harm to any aboard any of my ships. Given your precarious situation with this traitor running around, discretion should be your watch word.

My Thanks,
Viktor Khal
Lord Captain of House Khal

This is as far as our discussion proceeded before we exited warp, praise the God Emperor to an end from that nightmare. Four weeks with little to no sleep is highly unpleasant and the crew was rumbling in a manner similar to one’s belly after eating a Gunmetal Street Meat Burrito. Sadly, we jumped from one nightmare to another. As we exited the warp we found not only an on going battle between Tyranids and Imperial ships, but that 3 of the Tyranids had spotted us and were on an attack course. I hate fighting bugs, they never have anything of value once you’ve defeated them, just various forms of goo and body parts.
The battle was tense, especially for me. The Hammer and her crew acquitted herself well, as always, but this was Rojer’s first time at the helm with live weapons. I must say he handled himself as befits a Khal, even though he was boarded. One can only do so much with a freighter armed or other wise. Once we were finished, we sneaked, well…limped would be more accurate, our way past the OTHER on-going space battle to land on the planet with our guide. Soon I shall step on to the world that susposidly entombs the greatest of my line. My pony tail tingles with excitement. What wonders and treasures must there be? Still if this truly is the last resting place of a Khal, I should be wary. Knowing Roguerio’s history, the bloody planet is likely rigged to go once some one walks trough the door. He was that kind of guy.



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