The Paradox Hammer


///Access File: 10-11-802M.41///

Ship’s Log of the Rogue Trader Ship Hammer
Lord Captain Viktor Khal, Commanding


Our landing on the planet was uneventful despite repeated summons by the local customs officials for a meeting, face to face of course. One would think the Tyranids would be a higher concern that collecting shipping tithes, but the Administratum being the machine it is likely sent the same messages to the Hive Ships. Regardless, I planned on dealing with it once I was done dirt-side, and making a fast burn to the warp, hopefully loaded with treasure.

When we landed on the planet, it did not take us long to discover that the ‘Nids had landed here as well. We found the corpse of a small one in the jaws of a local predator, which Trejec took great pleasure in killing. It was apparently a career high form him which is fortunate since he was eaten a few minutes later, but I get ahead of myself. We proceeded with the appropriate paranoia. Kalm scouted ahead past a very suspicious ravine to the entrance of my distinguished ancestor’s presumed tomb. He found several Tyranid skulls on a pole in front of the cave, indicating someone else was around. My pony tail was tingling less with the pleasant sensation of excitement and more with the uncomfortable buzz of paranoia at this point.

We crossed the ravine at which point something quite literally out of the bowels of the warp ate Trejec. We scrambled to the rocks but my new power armor prevented me from my nominal feats of flight. Two brave Kroot stood by me as we faced the hell beast, some sort of Tyranid hybrid between an Earth Worm and a Turd with teeth. My other companions had sped up the cliff face with such alacrity that they did not notice my plight. I know they turned to face the creature after realizing their Captain’s plight but I would be at a loss to relate their actions from my unfortunate position. I took a couple of shots at the abomination before I saw Kalm descend like the bird of prey he/she/it so resembles and liquefy the things innards.

After the creature gurgled it’s last, my intrepid crew and I proceeded into the cave. There were signs of habitation but no one was around. As we explored we found old Kroot relics, a fact that no doubt was of interest to Kalm and his/her/its Tribe. I must admit that I was expecting something a bit grander from my ancestor’s tomb than rusted Kroot Rifles. Our explorations were soon cut short by the return of the squatter. Kalm hurried to investigate, but I was too hurried to try to get some information from the fellow.

The Kroot responded to my statement with an alacrity that cost one of them his/her/its life. I thought to at least have words with the fellow before the shooting began, but he chose to chunk a spear first. The Kroot may be Xenos, but while the serve my dynasty on my ship, they are part of my crew. This fellow would have to die.

I got to the top of the ladder and fired my plasma pistol, but the giant dodged with a disturbing grace. I feel I am missing something in this encounter. He yelled something and his hands were wreathed in lightning, after which I remembered nothing save waking after the fight had ended. Kalm was just coming around and immediately began consuming the Giant’s dinner. Of the big sorcerer, there was no sign. When I asked, Ignatio he mumbled something about the Giant having date with Nurggle. I shudder at the mention of the name.

I was badly hurt and we needed to regroup so I ordered us back to the ship. Kalm refused to come or reply, given his/her/its recent loss I was disinclined to press the matter. He/She/It would catch up or we would pick Him/Her/It on the return trip. We waited at the shuttle as long as we could but the persistence of the local customs officials made any more delay untenable. This is the risk one runs when working with Xenos, they have their own motivations.

When we arrived at the ship, on Ignatio’s recommendation, I had the Kroot confined to quarters to make it appear as if they are Xeno Slaves bound for the Kronos Expanse. The dreaded inspection went as well as could be hoped, though the official mentioned something about a “Watch Captain” from the Sons of Orar wanted to speak to me. While Space Wolves are pleasant enough drinking companions, I have no desire to converse with another chapter, especially one of the lineage of Gulliaman. I imagine they inherited his limited sense of humor. As soon as the Administratum flunkies were away I grabbed as many Armsman as I could and headed down to the planet.

We met Kalm, covered in, I assume, Tiger Blood, and his/her/its other Kroot companion back in the Kroot Temple. I was no longer under the illusion that this was my fore-father’s Tomb. Kalm did not volunteer his whereabouts and I felt no need to ask. I find our relationship works better on those terms. A short way from where we were reunited we found a chamber that was carved to resemble a star map of the Kronos Expanse with a marker for the coin Trejec found. Apparently I am heading to the Kronos Expanse after all. I do so love when fate makes an honest man of me. We will put in at Port Wander for repairs to the Anvil before heading out.

Let us hope that Arms of Khal marks the spot and we do not find a Khal to Arms instead.



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