The Pirate Queen


Though the name and title is infamous among space travellers, it is not certain whether the Boudicca who has made Koronus her home is the same Pirate Queen of ancient times, or merely another who has adopted the name and title to help spread fear.

Whatever the case, it did not take long for Boudicca to establish herself in Koronus, quickly annihilating or annexing the other Eldar corsair fleets. Boudicca prefers to use many semi-autonomous cells across the Expanse as part of a large and well connected network; letting the tribute flow to her, committing her own flagship Mercy only when the matter is important…or personal.

With the Imperial Navy distracted by the hive fleet, Boudicca has been making more raids in civilized space. She is not above using human pirate ships and human agents as part of these attacks, and due to her fleet’s ability to avoid Imperial traps and counterattacks, it is rumoured that she even has spies in the Navy itself.

The meteoric rise of Mega’at may at last draw the Queen herself from slumber. Boudicca will brook no other major operations in what she considers her territory. Every merchant, rogue trader and mercenary captain that sooner or later Boudicca will either throw down the gauntlet, which would light the Expanse in flames, or offer an alliance, which would be far worse.


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