Prisoner of the Inquisitorial Destroyer Vormund


Annamora’s Report
This unfortunate man has suffered greatly under the hands of the Inquisitors. He is severely malnurished, his fingershave been broken and incorrectly reset, he exhibits sensitivity to light and signs of post-tramautic stress and perhaps most disturbing, his voice box and larynx have been surgically mutilated, eliminating his ability to speak. Attempts to communicate with him have been unsuccesful, though we have given him a slate to write on. He does not seem fully aware of his surroundings, and if pressed for a response to any inquiries, he has a tendency to cower in a fetal position or fall into a shaking fit. Captain, I recommend we treat this subject gently. Over time I might repair the emotional scarring done to him by these brutes.

Kataline’s Report
Captain, I have search through the data records of the Vormund, and found a file corresponding to the prisoner number of this man’s cell. Before abandoning their ship, someone on the crew tried to wipe as much as they could from the ship’s databanks, so I was not able to find much. Only the title of the entry and its author survived. The man is Prisoner A602-9 Gann (Confirmed Physician). As I stated, the actually text of the file was deleted, but it is signatured by Allistair Thorne. Sir, I have no love of the Inquisition, but they had this man prisoner for a reason and whatever condition he is in now, I still consider him a threat. If we must suffer him aboard the Hammer, I strongly recommend constant surveillance and locked doors.

Pertwee’s Report
Keep that lazy eyed fuck away from my engines.


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