Kaptin of Kaptins of them freebootin' boyz


Though recently defeated by the Imperial Navy in Calixis, the notourious pirate chief Mega’at has rebuilt his armada in Koronus with seeimingly impossible speed, even by Ork standards. Now he even threatens the iron grip of the Pirate Queen Boudicca.

Though not subtle, Mega’at has a low, animal cunning and keen warrior’s instincts. Many commanders who underestimate the Ork end up with their prized cruisers gutted, retrofitted and added to Mega’at’s ever expanding armada.

It is said that Mega’at’s true passion lies in finding items of power; ancient forgoteen xeno relics and weapons, and putting them to his own devices. He has been recorded sparing ships in exchange for reliable information of where he could find such wonders and has certainly used bizarre xeno weaponry against the Imperium of Man in various scrapes.

Scout ships indicate that Mega’at is spreading his ships throughout Koronus, especially at death worlds. It is not known whether this is some tactic against Boudicca or Mega’at is searching for something in Koronus.


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