Roguerio Khal

Legendary Rogue Trader


Founder of the Khal Trading Dynasty, the Mad Merchant Prince Roguerio Khal has had his legend grow over the centuries to the point that even Administrim historians have difficulty separating the truth from the exaggerations from the outright fabrications. Should one try to mark a timeline of the various exploits now attributed to Khal they would reveal a man of not only unnatural longevity, but one capable of being in more than one star system at the same time.

It is now confirmed that he never was granted a Warrant of Trade, and that he either managed to forge one or made due without one (the Expanse being the lawless place that it is). It is not until the time of his grandson (or possibly great-grandson) Morisio Khal that the dynasty was officially recognized, and a legitimate Warrant of Trade issued.

His origin, and how he came in possession of his flagship, the gun frigate the Hammer, is also unknown. Privateering and mercenary actions gave him the finances to start his merchant fleet, and no matter which adventures of his are true or not, it cannot be argued that he did not find success.

It is said that Roguerio’s madness and paranoia grew as his years and wealth did. As legend goes, at the end Khal had himself entombed alive on some unnamed death world with his accumulated lifetime of treasure, leaving only his ships to his eldest son to continue his legacy. Many foolish would be treasure hunters have gone out looking for Khal’s Tomb, and those that do return do so empty handed.

As to the Khal Dynasty, it lives still, but has suffered many disasters in recent years, and is predicted to soon fade away altogether.

Roguerio Khal

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