The Crew

The More Important of the Denizens of the Hammer and Anvil


Rojer Khal: the teenaged son of Victor, Rojer is learning the ropes of command as acting captain of the Anvil, albiet under the supervision of veteran “first mate” Kataline Vuroc. Though level headed and jovial of temperment, Rojer has a young man’s boldness, which combined with inexperience and a fierce eagererness to impress, could prove to be a dangerous cocktail.

Kataline: a battered old warhorse of a Voidswoman, the Augment Kataline Vuroc has served the Khal Dynasty since Viktor’s grandfather’s time (and before that, by the rumors). Besides Viktor himself, Kataline was the only survivor of the Damned Voyage, though she does not speak of her experiences then. Tactiturn and dependable, Kataline currently serves as First Mate on the Anvil, keeping an cybernetic eye on Viktor’s young son, Captain Rojer Khal.

Pertwee: Pertwee is an Engine Man from some faraway system without Tech-Priests and claims to know ship engines “better than any of those red cloaked eunuchs”. He has made good on this outrageous claim, serving as the Hammer’s Chief Engineer ever since Magos Angelo blew himself out of an airlock. Despite his advancing years, Pertwee is tall, broad shouldered, and still powerfully built and the Engine Crew all live in mortal terror of him. He is married to Annamora, the ship’s chirugeon, in what may be the most unlikely pairing in the galaxy.

Annamora: Annamora calls herself a xenobiologist, whatever that is, and mainly serves as Ship’s Doctor for both humans and Kroot. Patient, kind, and quite beautiful, how exactly Annamora ended up married to the cantankerous, crass and much, much older Pertwee is the subject of much gossip among the crew. She remains popular with the crew, despite occasionally espouting sentiments that could be seen as heretical, especially regarding the alien races.

Rozlynn: Most of the bridge crew agree, Rozlynn is the most agressively boring person one is like to meet. A sanctioned Astropath, Rozlynn lives for her job, to the point where she seems unable to hold an extended conversation outside the realm of the Warp, psyniscience, or interstellar communication. On those topics, however, she is more than happy to expound at length to anyone with the constitution to listen.

The Crew

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