Viktor Khal Timeline

House Khal Timeline

• Roguerio Khal acquires the Hammer, takes persona of a Rogue Trader sans warrant.
• Roguerio acquires the Physician’s time device buries himself and his fortune, give Hammer and Warrant of Trade to son.
• Kalm’s Tribe arrives in the Kronus Expanse and their Warsphere crashes on Burnscour.
• Morisio Khal (Roguerio’s grandson) actually receives a warrant of trade for services rendered to the Imperium signed by the Lord of Terra in charge of the Arbites.

Viktor and Ignatio’s Past

• Ashryel (Viktor’s father) captures a Cabal slave convoy setting off the current vendetta.

• The Cabal responds by destroying my father’s estate on Scintilla, killing the rest of Viktor’s family and wiping out several of House Khal’s fencing contacts in the Underworld, including the crime syndicate Ignatio’s family worked with. Ignatio is captured and taken to the Cabal’s slave depot.

• Ashryel responds by attacking the depot and Ignatio once freed leads a slave revolt. Ignatio joins House Khal and is assigned to Viktor as a companion in arms.

• Viktor is given command of one of House Khal’s merchant ships with Ignatio as first officer.

• Ashryel launches a plan to capture a forgotten Imperial World.
a. House Khal’s assets are liquidated to pay for the army.
b. Viktor is transferred as first officer of the Hammer.
c. Ignatio takes a leave of absence to investigate rumors of the Cabal’s reappearance.

• Ashryel’s invasion is crushed by the Thousand Suns Chaos Marine Legion. Ashryel is killed and Viktor assumes control of House Khal. A Thousand Sons Sorcerer sabotages the Hammer’s Gellar field causing Viktor to enter the warp without protection. The “Damned Cruise” lasts for two weeks only Viktor and Kataline survive but are separated.

• Viktor sets the Hammer to fly into the nearest star and abandons ship in order to purge it from the daemons and undead that have claimed it.
a. He takes his Warrant of Trade and Bob the Servo Skull with him.

• Viktor crashes on the Pirate Moon of Grave. He signs up with a Raider crew but is soon disillusioned as the Raider captain insists on capturing and selling pilgrims.
a. Things come to a head when Viktor discovers the pilgrims are being sold to Chaos cultists.
b. Viktor uncovers and aids the Inquisitor Alistair Thorn and his team in bringing the raiders to justice.

• Viktor spends the next 2-3 decades serving in Inquisitor Thorn’s retinue as captain of his personal starship with the promise of a restoration of his House as payment for his service.
a. Viktor marries Alistair’s daughter
b. Viktor reunites with Ignatio and Kataline who re-join’s Viktor’s crew
c. Viktor’s wife dies delivering Rojer. Rojer grows up being tutored by Alistair, Damien (Alistair’s son), and Kataline on Alistair’s estate on Scintilla.

• Viktor and Ignatio hear rumors that the Hammer still exists. They travel to the edge of the Calixis Sector to investigate.
o Several Months into the investigation word reaches Viktor that Alistair has died in the line of duty. As part of his will the ship Anvil has been transferred from the Inquisitorial Shipyards to the possession of House Khal along with substantial funds to begin the flow of thrones into House Khal’s coffers.
o Viktor assigns Rojer and Kataline to the Anvil, and hires a crew to man her: including Jax, the Bas, Pertwee and the Doctor.

• Viktor tracks the Hammer to the deathworld Burnscour. There he finds a clan of shipwrecked Kroot lead by Kalm. Kalm states that she saw the Hammer collide with a large beast-hunter vessel in orbit. The crash of the beast hunter vessel caused massive damage to the Tribe’s region of Burnscour killing many of Kalm’s people.
o Kalm agrees to help Viktor find his ship in exchange for transport.
o Kalm soon receives a vision convincing her to stay near Viktor.

• Viktor recovers the Hammer and Kalm’s people join the crew.

• A few weeks later Viktor recovers the Glove of Ferris the Bull starting the campaign’s story.

Viktor Khal Timeline

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