Khal Dynasty Warrant of Trade

The Khal Family Warrant of Trade


-To all and singular unto whoso ever’s presence this writ shall come, Greetings
Be it resolved this day, by and for the Senatorum Imperialis and High Lords of Terra, in the Name of the Immortal God-Emperor of Man
that the following shall constitute a Warrant and Letter of Marque, with the force of a Dictate Imperialis.

We, acting upon the desires and recommendation of the Senate and Peers of the Imperium, do hereby name the Bearer of this Warrant,
a Rogue Trader, and likewise all his Line and/or designated Heirs, with all the Rights and Privileges
thereto, from this date (277643.M37) until the End of Time.
The Bearer shall receive all due Rank and Precedence of a Peer of the Imperium, inter alia Imperial Commanders, Chapter Masters of the Adeptus Astartes, and the masters of the Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition as well as Planetary Governors and Lord Commanders of
His Divine and Imperial Majesty’s Munitorum, in Liege Simple.

The Bearer shall, beyond His Light, speak with His Voice, with authority superseding that of any Rank and Position.
They are likewise granted the authority and responsibilities equivalent to a Fleet Admiral, that they may
adjudge the disposition of Lawful Prizes taken by Imperial citizens.

This Authority is granted in furtherance of an Eternal Charge upon
the Bearer; namely that the Bearer shall uphold and further the Pax and Lex Imperialis beyond His Domains.
To ensure that this Charge is delivered, the Bearer will deliver astropathic and/or physical copies of His Ship’s Log at intervals no
greater than fifty (50) years to an Imperial World with regular Lines of Communication to the Adeptus Terra.
For the Proper and Orderly line of succession of this Warrant to be maintained, upon the Death or Abdication of the Bearer, the Warrant
and its attendant ship(s) will return to the nearest Sector Capital, there to present the Claimant(s) unto a senior Judge of the Arbites so
that their Case for Succession may be ratified.
May the God-Emperor’s Grace be upon the Bearer and all present.

D Schwartzstein
Diego Schwartzstein
Grand Provost Marshal of the Adeptus Arbites


Khal Dynasty Warrant of Trade

The Paradox Hammer Khalys